Gros Morne Coffee

Gros Morne Coffee Roasters create small batch, fair-trade, organic, high quality coffee.


Tablelands-This blend combines two of our favourite Central and South American beans to create a wonderful blend. The sweetness and brightness of Columbia  with the nutty, chocolate flavours from Guatemala come together to create a beautifully balanced cup of coffee. 


Tuckamore-This blend of Central and South American beans creates a wonderful espresso. We've roasted this blend to bring out a balance of brightness and body with chocolate notes. The addition of Brazilian beans delivers a terrific crema, giving this espresso a silky smooth creama.


Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe) - Café Femenino

Roast - Medium      

Tasting Notes - There are definite clean, sweet, floral notes (honeysuckle and jasmine) at the beginning of the coffee with a citrus finish.


Peru - Café Femenino

Roast - Medium       

Tasting Notes - Sweet, nutty, chocolate flavor with bright citrus and apple notes.  Look for a really rich finish.


PLEASE indicate in notes which blend you would like or we will pick the freshest roast for you=)


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