Wild Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is a classic indulgence that, though delicious, is often flavored with harsh additives or bergamot essential oil that can harm the gut microbiome and irritate gut linings. In our whole plant rendition, we swap that for a native plant called Monarda didyma. Monarda is known colloquially as "wild bergamot" thanks to a flavor profile that's similar to Earl Grey's trademark citrus notes.

Bee balm gives this tea its spicy citrus flavor. It’s also antibacterial, wonderful for digestion, supports a healthy immune system, and promotes urinary tract health.

Ingredients: single-estate Assam tea*, monarda didyma aka bee balm** (*certified organic, **cultivated without chemicals)

To use: Steep 2 teaspoons of tea in 8 ounces of hot water, covered, for 4 minutes.



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