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Birch & Berries is a Brick & Mortar + online shop that has worked to curate a perfect combination of skin care, wellness, baby, yoga and home decor products that aim to meet the needs of our customers.


Our shop owner, Christy is dedicated to bringing naturally derived, ethically sourced, sustainably created and often Canadian made products to the west coast of Newfoundland.


Since we opened shop in October 2018, and every day since, we've aimed to fulfill this mission. Thank you for being a part of it all.


We want our customers to live their best life; to cultivate community and wellness we seek out great products for daily living that are beneficial to all aspects of life. We work to understand each of our products and only present to customers what we see as the best option. 

Along with this, we offer a variety of workshops + educational evenings where our customers can come together to learn from one another on a variety of topics related to natural wellness. To keep updated on these events, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.  

Meet the team


Christy Atkins Jure

Shop Owner, Product Curating


Lauren Harris

Customer Care

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